Saturday, November 20, 2010

Skin whitening using glutathione: Three months after using Met-tathione

This is my third month of using met-tathione. Well so far so good, the effect has been visible already. Now, I plan to take met-tathione for maintenance purposes only. So, instead of taking four capsules per day (two capsules every morning and evening), I have been taking two capsules per day since yesterday. I do not want to over "lighten" my skin because others might think that I am obsessed in making my skin fairer. Actually, they told me already that it seems that I become whiter. Well, I just told them that I stay away from the sun as much as possible. Anyways, I plan to increase my dosage if I see that my skin will become darker or if ever I will not be again contented with my complexion. So, met-tathione has been good to me, and I totally recommend this product.

Even Indonesians are already obsessed in making their skin whiter. I have read somewhere in a forum ( I will post the link if I will find it, it has been awhile since I saw it in the net) and can you guess how many capsules do they take just to see visible results in their skin? (Drum beat...) They take four capsules... every hour!. Well, I did not quite understand most of their posts since it is written in Bahasa (their language) but in the main subject, a user posted that he is taking four capsules of Met-tathione every hour. Of course the post shows before and after pictures of the user, and it cannot be denied that the user becomes whiter. The only problem is I was not able to understand how long did the user took four capsules every hour to attain the posted result. Anyways, I could not take more than four capsules per day, since I am just a regular employee. Nevertheless, for those who are financially capable out there who wants to try, I request that you give us an update so that all of us will be enlightened, in our minds and on our skin.


  1. OMG! though metathione claims to be a supplement i dont think anyone should take this as a candy. imagine? 4 capsule every hour? how is that? im planning to buy this metathione, i already consulted my dermatologist about this and she says its ok to use this because its just a supplement. im so excited

  2. yup. the only problem for most of us is the price of met capsules (One capsule is 40+ pesos or approximately 1 US dollar). Anyways, if that is the price inorder to have a fairer and smoother skin, and if you can afford it, why not?

  3. lol i'm indonesian :p and i'm being so curious about the forum you've mentioned XD
    i just bought this product! and i'm 18 yo bdw.. not sure if this gonna be good or not :/